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Creator Series S1 E3 – Alessio Giffi

In 2018 Alessio Giffi founded a clothing brand, to be able to combine art and creativity with the world of fashion, in particular that of streetwear, thinking as if each shirt or hoodie is like a canvas, with the substantial difference that a design remains confined within 4 walls, while on a piece of clothing it can be seen by several people, it is the subject itself that becomes a means of communication and message at the same time.

Behind each garment there is a realization studio, starting from the idea to the graphics printed above, which is drawn or painted by hand and then processed to digitally print it on the fabric; each garment has a careful research of materials, nothing is left to chance.

The artist as well as the founder wants to make the final consumer participate, making him interact with the garment, an example are the materials that change color and that light up.

Enjoy my conversation with Alessio!

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Alessio 0:02
My best drawings when I was 14. How can I remember that? When I when I was a child? I would Galax I drew on the floor of my room.

Madhav SBSS 0:23
Oh, okay. With chalk and things like that.

Alessio 0:31
Same with

Madhav SBSS 0:33
you draw on the floor with with chalk. Yes. Oh,

Alessio 0:38
and on the wall of my of my house.

Madhav SBSS 0:43
Okay. Excellent. Is it something we can get into the questions and little more detail? I’m just trying to is it something that you got from your parents or something? Or how did you start drawing?

Alessio 1:05
I don’t understand.

Madhav SBSS 1:08
How did you like? Is somebody in your family? Like it? Okay. The store?

Alessio 1:15
Yes. My dad is an architect and sculptor. Wow. I’m I was in spirit by by him. He in he always supported me. Now and when I was a child,

Madhav SBSS 1:38
absolutely fantastic. Yeah. Yeah. I see. A. Alessio, I hope I’m saying that name right. Alessio. If you’re okay, we can take it very slowly. And no worries. If you take time, I can always edit after the recording, so don’t worry about it. You can take your time to answer the questions. Can we get started? Yes. Awesome. i Let’s, I’ll start the recording here. Make sure.

Okay. Let me let me start off. And so I want to introduce you briefly. But I’ll ask you to share your side of the story about yourself. But I’ll introduce you as Alessio Jeffie is an artist from Rome, Italy. And his BS is been doing art since he was a child, seven year old child, something like that. And, and then I’ll ask you to add your side of the story. So you can tell our listeners what, you know how you started doing it. And you know where you are right now, where you’re going? Briefly? Maybe a minute or less. Sounds good in

Alessio 3:12
a study, like when?

Madhav SBSS 3:21
Sorry, let, I’ll start the recording and I’ll start with the introduction and then you can come in, okay. Okay, give me one second. So let me start it off. Yeah. I’m super excited to be speaking with our featured artist, Alessio Jeffy. From Rome, Italy. Alessio is an artist has been drawing all his life ever since he was a child. Alessio, are you prepared to create some magic today? Yes. Awesome. Let’s see, I’ve given a brief glimpse of your artistic journey. To our listeners. Please take a moment and tell us your side of the story.

Alessio 4:12
In Hi guys, my name is Alexa Jiffy. And I am an Italian artist from Rome. And I am 17 years old. And I like painting ain’t Andrew? A I started to draw when I was a child. And I drew on the floor of my room without chucks and with the miracles on the wall of my house. I mean, my dad is asking good sculptor and architect and always supported me and my art and I love myself Emily today, I hope to reach and create some something of new and improved myself.

Madhav SBSS 5:12
Super awesome. Thanks a lot Alessia for sharing that having a supportive family and art in the family helps a lot in, you know, keeping focused and creating art and improving day by day. Excellent. Alessio. We’d love to start the podcast with a favorite quote of yours. So would you be able to share a quote that’s inspiring to you? That potentially helps our listeners also get inspired and create art of their own.

Alessio 5:52
I don’t understand.

Madhav SBSS 5:53
Could you share it? Do you have any favorite quote by an artist? That inspires

Alessio 6:01
okay. I really love Caravaggio, which is a famous Italian artist and Raphael and Michelangelo when spirit me when I study them at school

Madhav SBSS 6:26
superb Do you recall any specific line from them like a quotation? You know, for example the only way to do great work is to love what you do is a quote by Steve Jobs who created an iPhone any line like that that inspires you from either Michelangelo or Raphael

Alessio 6:59
in a I’m here then and and try to improve myself to reach the leavers level. I am young about hope to reach the lever someone I will be. Amen.

Madhav SBSS 7:34
Yep. Absolutely fantastic. And having that role model, and setting a high bar for yourself at a young age to reach the same heights as this famous artists. That’s an amazing goal to have. We’d like to learn from your journey as an artist. over the 10 years or 20 years, you’ve been doing art Have you had any you know, dark moments or any failures in your journey where you said you know, I’m not I’m not good at this or what’s happening. I’m maybe not necessarily a good artist or something that you tried but failed, and then how you recovered from it.

Alessio 8:25
Some some of my dark day or my TV topic, journey. Yeah. I get up at seven o’clock of morning. And I went to school, art school. And for three, four years out of a day I draw and painting. When I back at co atoma I do some drawings for me. And for my followers. I get inspired, inspired by the nature and all the things oh I love

Madhav SBSS 9:28
beautiful inspired by nature and all the things you love.

Alessio 9:34
I also buy some moments of my life.

Madhav SBSS 9:41
Some moments of your own life. Yes, yes. Did you have any magical moment or you know, when you started drawing and over the years over the last 10 years 12 years you’ve been drawing do Have you? Did you find yourself saying Oh, yes, you know, aha, this is this is a great medium either it’s watercolors or pencil, color pencils. Did you say this is something I should explore? This is so beautiful. I should I should try some art in this medium.

Alessio 10:20
If the there is some magic moments when I grow? Yeah. Maybe when I finish the drawing, because I can see what I mean. I doubt in my mind mind. Yes. And, and I’m really glad to see my work when it’s finished.

Madhav SBSS 10:50
That’s fantastic. So every, every time you complete an art that you had in your mind, and when you see it finished on paper, that is a magic moment for you. Yes, excellent. Wow. Wow. That’s there’s not just one magic moment. Anytime you actually bring something out of your mind onto the paper and complete it. It’s a magical moment. Awesome. Alessio, what is exciting you right now, in terms of your artistic journey, where are you heading? What what is exciting you right now? Like, what are you looking forward to? in your, in your artwork? What? What excites you? What makes you what makes you really excited and happy? Looking to the future?

Alessio 11:45
I mean, I try to do the route, something that people call love. And I try to put a social team in my artwork. Like, one of my favorite and popular worker is the secret. Behind the worker, the there is a team the no smoke is the yes in the sense of the driving

Madhav SBSS 12:24
car. So social theme. And the cigarette is it’s a it’s a it’s a piece of art. It’s a masterpiece. Listeners, you should definitely check it out LSUs page on Instagram and Etsy and you will be amazed. And what you’re saying is your art is tied into a social theme. Such as don’t smoke, for example. And yes, that’s beautiful. And do you see yourself doing more of those kinds of social themed artwork

Alessio 13:04
in what

Madhav SBSS 13:07
in the future? Do you see yourself doing more art related to a social theme?

Alessio 13:18
Yes, but I’m trying to do also some something of new I want to paint with oil colors and made the make some school to school tubes.

Madhav SBSS 13:36
oil colors and school

Alessio 13:40
scars dopes.

Madhav SBSS 13:43
Okay, got it? Got it? Like just like your father Yes. That’s Have you ever done any sculpture work?

Alessio 13:58
Yes. Some I don’t know the English word but Sarajevo with energy law. But I don’t know the English word.

Madhav SBSS 14:19
No worries. But you have some work in doing some as well and you want to pursue more of that as well along with oil paints.

Alessio 14:33
By the way with I made the portrait and some hand in scars, the sculptor so Wow.

Madhav SBSS 14:43
Wow. Is so just getting to the next question around. You know, what, if there was anything holding you back when you said I’m going to do Art, and I’m going to focus all my attention and energy on art. And so you went to school you studied art. And now you have an Instagram. You started a business on Etsy. Yes, yes. When did you start the Etsy business?

Alessio 15:20
I started five months ago. And for now I sell nine. Seeing it prints in all the world, like French, Germany. Return and America.

Madhav SBSS 15:40
Wow. All over the world. Yet fantastic. That’s fantastic. Amazing stuff. Why are what was holding you back? Before you started? Why didn’t Why didn’t you start earlier? Were there anything that was holding you back and saying, Who am I to start a business or was any self doubt or do you know what I’m saying? Why? Why? Why was there anything that was holding you back from starting the Etsy business?

Alessio 16:20
I want to and some money to buy a new color. Yeah, and made a new project.

Madhav SBSS 16:35
So the need kind of forced you to start the business you wanted to earn more money so you can buy more supplies, art supplies. And that’s what made you start the Etsy business. Yes, excellent. And so far, you’re happy with how that is going?

Alessio 16:59
Yes. I have to sell more and more prints. But it’s okay for now.

Madhav SBSS 17:10
Good. Excellent. We will have a few fast rapid fire questions for you. lseo Yes, take a moment answer. Would you what art tools do you use? Like specificly I know I’ve seen Prisma color and things like that. Can you recommend any specific art tools that you love to use?

Alessio 17:35
Yes, I like Prisma color and fabric Castile polychromos pencil, but also Copic markers and Premiere Pro markers. And I always was this tools in my artwork.

Madhav SBSS 17:56
Great. And any? Would you like to share any favorite artists that you look up to? Or a designer or sculptor? That is you’re

Alessio 18:12
actually artists while Oh, yeah. I like Mashallah. Baranggay with an Italian artist in Yes, Michel barang,

Madhav SBSS 18:30
Marcela, Baranggay. Why do you like

Alessio 18:35
he may make realistic drawing and is very, very nice.

Madhav SBSS 18:44
Wonderful, realistic drawing? Do you have any favorite book that you can recommend to our listeners? It can be original or it can be about art. Or a song or a movie that inspires you.

Alessio 19:03
I like action movie or history movie. And there is an Italian book of art. With very funny. It colored. Ciao Mona. in English. Hello. Hello. And the writer made a book with some painting and write some funny words below the painting.

Madhav SBSS 19:44
I said could you please repeat the title of the book in Italian? Can I hear what is the title? You said it’s Hello in English.

Alessio 19:56
The title is challenging

Madhav SBSS 20:00
Okay, great. Thank you. And the author name the writer.

Alessio 20:12
I don’t remember the name of the brand.

Madhav SBSS 20:16
No problem. We can Google it. We want to make sure we put it up on the website. The book in my room one moment. Okay. Thank you. Stefan.

Alessio 20:32
Where Guerra

Madhav SBSS 20:34
Stefano Guerrera. Cool. Thank you. Thank you so much. Unless you we’re coming towards the last section of the interview, podcast session. We are down to the last question. If you have a superpower to create anything you want, what yes you create and why

Alessio 20:56
it’s a bit difficult. I will create a pencil will have makers, acrylic paints, all in one. So I can draw on only with this pencil,

Madhav SBSS 21:21
just one magical pencil that you get to change from acrylic to pain to pencil. And you don’t have well. Were all the callers. Yes. Wonderful, wonderful. Before we say goodbye, I’d like you to share with our listeners a parting piece of advice as an artist. And then how we can connect with you online. And then we’ll say goodbye.

Alessio 22:03
My social network is on Instagram, LS GG fi and are you to always lseg fit

Madhav SBSS 22:12
always lseg fee. And on Etsy

Alessio 22:20

Madhav SBSS 22:21
it’s on Etsy as well. Right?

Alessio 22:25
Yes. on that. Where there are the day prints of my work.

Madhav SBSS 22:34
Perfect. And what would you advise our listeners?

Alessio 22:45
No, I think it’s okay.

Madhav SBSS 22:49
Would you like to share anything that other artists like yourself who are young and want to pursue art? Would you like to tell them something? Would you like to share a message to them?

Alessio 23:05
Keep to draw and improve yourself. There is more and more time to improve you. Never give up?

Madhav SBSS 23:20
Perfect. Employ yourself. There’s more time. There is time for it if you want to make time for it and never give up. That’s fantastic way to end it. lseo jiffy. Everyone. Thanks Alessio for taking the time to speak with us today.

Alessio 23:41
Thank you. You’re welcome.

Madhav SBSS 23:43
And thanks, everyone for listening. We will see you on the magical side. Bye. Bye. Alessio. I’m stopping the recording right now. Okay, give me one second, but

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