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Creator Series S1 E9 – Patricia Pino

I’m a freelance graphic designer and I work at home, dividing my day time between graphic design, arts and crafts with my two lovely cats Dune and Blackjack that keep me company during the day while I work 🙂 I love what I do and feel blessed for being able to live this way 🙂 Hope you enjoy my designs as much as I enjoyed creating them.

Aside that, I like cooking, drawing and painting, singing, gardening and I’m training, along with my boyfriend, to try and run my second marathon (yes! I did it already the first time).

Enjoy my conversation with Patricia!

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Madhav SBSS 0:03
Awesome. I’m super excited today to introduce you to the featured guest. Patricia Pino. Patricia, are you prepared to create some magic? Yes. So Patricia is an internet entrepreneur, creative designer maker, and a graphic designer, Patricia owns peanut milk and peanut oak print on Etsy. And as she puts it, a poster a day keeps the doctor away. Patricia, I’ve given a very brief glimpse of your business. Patricia is from Lisbon, Spain, I mean, sorry, Portugal. But to show up, given a glimpse of your personal and business life, please take a few seconds to fill in some gaps and add to it and share with our listeners about your personal background as well as where you are today with the business.

Patricia 1:05
Okay, so I graduated from faculty, like the Faculty of Fine Arts, I did, like, communication design course. So I always felt like, I always was an artist, you know, since since I was a small child, and I always had the need to do something, I always thought I was going to be like, a clothes designer. But then I started to go to the graphic part and the communication part. So I took that course. And it was really helpful. And I did a lot of work in graphic communication. And not always as a freelancer, as I am, I am right now. And there was a point that that work didn’t satisfy me anymore. Not just personally, but in terms of money, also. So yeah, very important to know. So I live, so I really had the need to start something. And I already had this project with a friend of mine, it was a hobby, you know, he didn’t get it started as a hobby with a friend of mine. And we just did like necklaces and rings and stuff like that, aside from our work. So but that point, marked the place that maybe this can just be a hobby and started can be a business, you know, and from necklaces and handbags and rings and stuff like that. I thought, I’m a graphic designer, I can do maybe posters, layouts like that, it was an easy passage to you know, to go to one thing together, and trying to find a product that I could sell, and start a business and make money and my friend didn’t take that journey with me that that’s from taking your hobby to a business. So I started it alone. And, and I’m here with a little bit of success success, I can leave out with it, you know, out of it, because it’s, it’s taking me to a place where I’m comfortable. Now, I can do whatever I want, which is very

Madhav SBSS 3:35
good. Whatever you want and what you love to do excellent.

Patricia 3:40
The most important part of it, I guess,

Madhav SBSS 3:44
perfect. We love to get started with with an inspiring code that, you know, makes it tick and you know, produce beautiful art. Could you share with our listeners, something that gets them excited, and that gets them also probably to create stuff of their own?

Patricia 4:06
Well, I remember when you’re asking that I remembered one quote that it’s from a song that from one poster that I did recently and I remember that because I really like that sentence. It’s from a Pearl Jam song. I can’t buy what I want because it’s it’s free. And I really liked this sentence. The Spy but I love this this song’s called the ROI. And I really like this sentence. I think it’s the most important sentence in this song. And I think it summons it’s it’s it sums the meaning right there. Can I wait I want to get it’s free. And you know the good things in life, you know are are free.

Madhav SBSS 4:54
Absolutely. I believe Steve Jobs had said it very clearly and I I totally believe that Yep, free things. I mean, the most beautiful things in life are free. How do you apply this? You know, quote, or inspiring lyric from the song? Do your own daily life?

Patricia 5:16
Well, not all of the time. But sometimes yes. You know, because it’s really inspiring, you know, to work for your things without, you really have to work for things, you know, to make it happen. You can purchase, you know, things, in order to get successfully or to get experience, you know, you have to work hard, you have a process. And I think that’s, that’s a way to put it. Sometimes in this sentence. I don’t know, I don’t know, if I’m explaining it. Well, you know, you really have to know to practice or, you know, you can, there are just some things that you just can buy have to really work hard for them. And when you you get them, it’s amazing, you know, it’s an amazing feeling. So that applies to my work. And when I do, I guess, work? General in life,

Madhav SBSS 6:19
generally life as well, right. I mean, right. You know, the things that are worth having don’t come for free in the sense you have to put in the effort.

Patricia 6:29
Yeah, yeah, that’s it. Yeah, super,

Madhav SBSS 6:33
a, Patricia, we love to learn from your journey, and how you got started and some of the roadblocks. And so to start off with for take a few seconds to share the inspiration that really got you started off once you finish your school, and you said, instead of taking up a regular nine to five job, this is what you wanted to do, and then just share maybe really about a big setback or a failure of some sort of dark moment, and how you coped with it and how you emerged from it.

Patricia 7:13
Well, it emerged from a bit of a dark moment, as I said before, because I was in a place where I needed money, so I had to find something that could give me that. So if from bad things, good things can come. Right. So let’s good example. But from what, since I started kind of joke, of course, I had some failures. Also, you know, not everything, not all the stories, always six successfully, you know, like in life, it’s not just like that. So I had some projects that I like, I have been until oak and infinito prints. And I had also, at one time I had Pinedo case, it was like a fun case shop from my, with my graphics and my design, but that really didn’t make it because I couldn’t compete with like, China making fun cases at 20 cents, you know, so it really didn’t turn out good. It was a project it didn’t make it so that it is a good example of failure. Bad thing, you know, you just you know, you have to realize that not everything is going to work out well, even if you put the effort in it and the energy, so you just have to assume some failures and keep on going, you know, try something else. So, just like that, you know, liking everything, I guess. So right.

Madhav SBSS 8:42
The setback didn’t necessarily stop you from

Patricia 8:49
Yeah, I had to put concentrate my energy in posting my posters, for example. So I kept on going with my other projects, you know. So that didn’t keep me from going. I have to, I have to always keep on going.

Madhav SBSS 9:11
Keep on going, I think that’s a great line right there. You know, there’s you have two choices, you can stop. Or you can keep going because what you love to do and what you enjoy doing. Why Why stop it?

Patricia 9:27
Yeah, you will, you will always have to reinvent yourself in what you do. Right? You so even some things that don’t work, you have to find some network. So even though it’s hard to take the hit, you know, that’s hard work because it’s your baby. Right? And you don’t wanted to you know, to not work so, but you can’t you have to

Madhav SBSS 9:53
do. How do you make that call or judgment on when to stop something and move on?

Patricia 10:00
It’s very difficult call, you know, and sometimes it takes time for for me to get it, you know, because I’m a stubborn woman. And I don’t like to, to not be successful in what I do. And it’s really hard. But there’s a point where there’s no, no doubt, you have to just say it’s right. That’s that have that decision. So it takes time. But

Madhav SBSS 10:37
thank you have to be patient. And not give up too soon. But it’s a fine line. And it’s tricky. I think it’s something that you develop as an intuition and judgment over time.

Patricia 10:48
Yes, but sometimes you’re caught in that emotion, you know, because you put your emotional, you know, you’re being into what you do. So you don’t want to, to leave it, you know, to. So it’s hard to in those times, and rational and just say, No, this is not working. So I have to stop and put my energy and anywhere else in this.

Madhav SBSS 11:17
Absolutely, I think many entrepreneurs and startups and companies that start new businesses go into this mode of slow death, where they can leave something, but you can just continue with. And so it just slowly dies over 257 years, as opposed to sometimes potentially, you could actually say, I’m giving you this much time, and I’ll do everything I can. But if it doesn’t work out, I have to let it go and have to move on and do something else. Awesome. Patricia, can you share with our listeners a magic aha moment that you had in your journey?

Patricia 11:56
And then she got home? And well. I don’t know. There’s some little moments, you know, they did and are magical for me. You know, when people say they, they love my work, or they just write me a note saying like, he says being inspiring, or this is in my living room or in my kid’s room. And it’s wonderful. Oh, it that, that those moments are really good. They’re real moments, you know, but those little moments like feel my day. You know, they’re they make my day. So I don’t know if there’s like a haha, really be one.

Madhav SBSS 12:34
Absolutely. I think

Patricia 12:37
those are ones that are really magical for me. You know, they’re, they make me even like more of what I do.

Madhav SBSS 12:46
So your part of your inspiration also comes from your own customers.

Patricia 12:51
Sometimes Yeah, sometimes. Yeah. Part of my inspiration comes from like music songs, like movies, just walking the street and like seeing a bird or

anything really anything. But I really like music and movies. You know, my, my father is a guitar player too. He plays the guitar. Oh, I really was very influenced by music since I was young. So that, that really I don’t know if he chose in my work. Because I have a lot of music posters. But that’s because because I really love just like, I’m going in my car and I’m listening to a song in the radio, I say, oh my god, I have to put this song on a poster. Really.

Madhav SBSS 13:46
Those are all magical. These are all small, magical moments, but they are magical moments because they make you create something and if you can create something because of a particular line in a movie or a song. That is a magical moment. I think like you said rightly, you don’t have to wait for this. You know humungous at shattering magical moment, that may never happen, but live those small, magical moments that happen almost every day.

Patricia 14:12
And one magical thing is that I love what I do. So that’s the magic, the big magic. And I feel very lucky because of that, because I see lots of people that they don’t do the normal. They don’t like they they work you know. So I feel very fortunate that I absolutely love what I do. So

Madhav SBSS 14:35
you absolutely love what you do. Yeah. Listen to that. I think that’s a punch line. I absolutely love what I do. I think as Patricia was mentioning, many many, many people are stressed and you know, spending time in jobs and professions that are not necessarily giving them any slightest joy and finding these kinds of have magical moments in life to do something to produce something magical to create a small in art piece, I think is a great way to live life, at least in pieces and small small pieces as opposed to looking for that big, big magical moment. So but thanks for sharing that, I think that’s wonderful. How do you keep up the discipline to, to create consistently as opposed to, sometimes there is an artist block, if you will, or artists, you know, starts off, maybe painting something or creating some designs, and then it might just be in the back of the mind. And then other things take over. And then the canvas is staring at them for months, or you consistently produce this kind of beautiful art pieces.

Patricia 15:52
It’s sometimes it’s natural, like Saturday, but sometimes it’s it’s not it’s hard process, but I’m a very disciplined person. Otherwise I wouldn’t make it like working from home, which you have to be, you have to have a lot of discipline and be organized with your time. And with everything you have to do. So but creating is late, it all it always is natural for me. So sometimes, I find some things more difficult when they don’t come so naturally. But most of the times they do in sometimes I can take like half an hour creating something which like, it’s like, speed dial, I don’t know. But, but sometimes I can take like three weeks to develop one idea, that gives me joy, because I love the process always, you know, even if it’s faster or slower, I know that in the end, I’m all I will always be content with what I create, you know, happy with what I create, even if it’s a harder process, I will enjoy it. Maybe even more in the end. Because I know it was slow, steady and hard. But in the end, it was a good thing. Explain it? Well, you know, it was hard work, you know, getting to that, you know, so

Madhav SBSS 17:33
Liliane, how do you do have any tips for us, I mean, other listeners on how they might try to become more disciplined in how like anything that helps you sort of whether it’s setting a particular time to work on things during the day, or

Patricia 17:53
I have I have a schedule, you know, I use Google Calendar, make my schedule, my schedule, and I schedule like, this week I did this, this and this or this day, I have to do this, this and that. And I’m very disciplined with that thing. Even though I have free time, you know to be spontaneous with my time not always I’m like on a rigid, you know, schedule. Time to be you know, just hang out with my friends, since I’m working from home. So I should have that freedom also. So I’m enjoying that. But I just use Google Calendar and try to stick as much as I can see, it doesn’t work every time.

Madhav SBSS 18:42
I try. But you try and then I think just just the fact that there’s something that you track your time to create, I think is in itself. Very helpful. Patricia can you share with us one thing that’s exciting you right now, in your journey with peanut Oh print and what you’re looking forward to?

Patricia 19:03
Peanuts or print, you know that I’m pregnant seven months pregnant patients. So it just it um, I’m going to have a break soon, right? Because I have to. And this new journey, I already have a small son. And this new journey is going to be very exciting for me. Not in terms just my personal life of course. But that influences my my work, of course, right? Yes. And then it’s going to be a new stage, or new phase for me, I guess. In terms of work also.

Madhav SBSS 19:50
sapphic we wish you all the best and that sounds really exciting. You have a new bond coming up and then I’m sure there’ll be new types of inspirations, even from that, and all the best there. But what was really holding you back from, you know, getting started on this journey?

Patricia 20:15
Yeah, I never, I never thought I would start a journey by myself, really, I never thought of myself as an enterpreneurship term product, and I’m exploiting their partner. Yeah. I never thought of myself like that. But, you know, times changes and changes in you see yourself in situations that you have to react and adapt and develop yourself. So I think it was, it was that what happened because I always thought I would work for someone, you know, for someone else, and not for myself, but I really love working for myself, because I’m a very good boss myself. Right. But sometimes it’s even harder, because I’m harder for yourself.

Madhav SBSS 21:10
Yes, yeah, I’m harder on

Patricia 21:11
myself. And I always think that I can do more and work more hours. You know, it’s, it’s good thing, but sometimes, because, you know, I’m very pushy with myself. But yeah, that’s it.

Madhav SBSS 21:28
Awesome, awesome. Hey, now we’re getting into the last few minutes of the recording and monitor to jump into some rapid fire questions, and we hear from you your responses on some of these. Can you share with our listeners, a favorite book of yours that inspires you that really motivates you?

Patricia 21:48
Well, I don’t know if I really have a favorite book. Since I’ve been a mom, my reading is really turned out. Almost inexistent. So. Sometimes, but I really have a favorite movie. And a favorite song that I could share. I don’t know if that service my movies as good as it gets

Madhav SBSS 22:16
as good as it gets.

Patricia 22:18
Yeah, you know, that movie. I really liked that one.

Madhav SBSS 22:21
Robin Williams.

Patricia 22:23
Know when I enhance?

Madhav SBSS 22:28
Yes, yes. Yes, yes. And I definitely know that one. Yes. Yeah.

Patricia 22:35
And my song my favorite song is sleep walk. Sleep. Yeah, sleep walk. by who? I don’t know if it’s I think it’s from Ricci valance. Awesome. It doesn’t have lyrics it just like you see sleep love gripwalk.

Madhav SBSS 22:56
Y’all need some of that once in a while? Yeah. Do you have any specific like a favorite artist or designer or somebody in the creative space that you look up to?

Patricia 23:13
So many? One, I really like Picasso as an artist, you know?

Madhav SBSS 23:22
Why is that?

Patricia 23:24
I don’t know. He was so versatile, you know, in his all his faces he has. I think that’s an amazing thing. I actually some work hourly work from him. It’s some late working, there’s nothing you know, there’s nothing to compare. In the middle. There’s so much also. So I think it was an amazing artist that I can’t even describe.

Madhav SBSS 23:51
Because so Pablo Picasso. Thank you. Yeah. Do you have any digital tools that you use? Like? Skype Google Calendar, as you mentioned is one of them. That helps you in your day to day job? Oh,

Patricia 24:06
yeah, Skype and Google Calendar and some other online ships but not much. I know just to speak with some of my clients or stuff. It’s I don’t see any other

Madhav SBSS 24:23
but to share one last magical question if you have the superpower to create anything you want. What would you create?

Patricia 24:33
Anything Oh my god. Yeah, that’s a really tough one. Anything okay. Oh, we build a new planet. Yeah, from scratch. Listen, love it. Love it. You thought you said he was super powers.

Madhav SBSS 24:59
Yes, thanks. Dream big. Absolutely love that love that. Patricia, give our creative nation, your parting piece of advice, and how we can connect with you after the podcast online. And after that, we’ll say goodbye.

Patricia 25:18
Okay. My advice, I don’t know if I’m the right person to give any advice because I don’t know if you have an idea that you think that it’s good for you to follow. You know, I always hear people saying, Oh, I would like to do this. And then and I have this idea. And I think, my work. So just just follow your ideas and get them done. Because that’s like the first step, you know, to try and see if it works or not some work of course, but some will, we’ll just take that first step. Stop talking and start doing that’s just it.

Madhav SBSS 26:04
I love it. Love it. Follow your ideas and just do it. Yeah, thing. Just do. Yeah. How would we be able to connect with you?

Patricia 26:16
Oh, I have my Etsy shops, you know, been a dope or You have that? Okay. Have always can like conversation there with me. So fantastic. Facebook also just put me in a dog in everything will will appear.

Madhav SBSS 26:33
Fantastic. We wish you the best in your journey at pinata print. And with the new baby coming along. But to show thank you so much for your time and thanks everyone that create a nation we will catch you on the magical side.

Patricia 26:48
Thank you. Thank you. Bye bye

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