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Creator Series S1 E1 – Miriam G

Miriam is a Barcelona based artist and designer. She founded MyNameIsMir brand and has shop by that brand name on Etsy.

Enjoy my conversation with Miriam!

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Madhav SBSS 1:00
I’m thrilled to introduce my featured guest mirror. Mirror. Are you prepared to crush it? Yeah. Awesome. Thank you. Mirror is a graphic designer based in Barcelona. And ecommerce online entrepreneur, who started My name is Mayor, I’ve given creative nation, a glimpse of your life. But please fill in some gaps. Take a second to tell us your story, your personal side, as well as what’s going on right now in your business?

Miriam 1:36
Well, right now, I’m dedicated 100% on it, it started like a hobby. But I don’t like to call it a hobby. Because a hobby is something you do. Not for money just because you want your time and being honest, I when I started doing it, I really wanted to live thanks to it. So I started I know making funny quotes that I wanted to hang in a house, or maybe to make a gift for a friend. So I make a special quote, that was like an inside joke. And they were starting to love it. I was like, Okay, you do that quote for my other friend or do that for my mother. And, you know, I started doing that. And they were encouraging me to start a business online. And, you know, online, it’s much easier to start a company or a business because you can have your things at home. You can work anywhere you want. And your 24/7 online and anywhere worldwide. So yeah, I started doing that. And right now I’m very happy with it.

Madhav SBSS 2:46
Excellent. So yeah, I wish you great success in your endeavors. And just what made you pick this kind of quirky, funny quotes and find it? Yeah. Well,

Miriam 3:02
I like the pop culture. I like the songs more. I mean, many people are like, Oh, I look forward to Steve Jobs. JD, or I look forward to I don’t know, any other artists. But I can’t tell you one. Because I, my inspiration comes from the internet. Like, I go on Twitter and just start reading sentences and like, like, I can stay laughing, maybe 15 minutes. At one point. I’m like, Oh, this is so good. So I just write down and try to you know, make it mine.

Madhav SBSS 3:42
Yeah. Make it yours. Yeah, I think that’s the key. Yeah. So something

Miriam 3:45
I will say something that will happen to me. And I know that someone in someplace will feel the same way as me you feel Yeah. So that’s kind of my inspiration. I mean, I know I have a lot of things that I have for babies, or I have for adults, or I have a month. But the thing is that I don’t want to get close at one line design. For example, if I can make quote, typography simple, or I can make an illustration because I feel like that that day. And I don’t want to be the kind of brand that does No, no, I only do illustration for kids. Because you or me one day you feel like you can wear our I don’t know a Mickey Mouse shirt and feel like it. And then three days before you’re like, oh, I want to I don’t know, pass everything stay at home watch TV. And you know, it’s like live so I don’t stay with one style. Like

Madhav SBSS 4:50
there’s many aspects. There’s not just one thing. Yeah.

Miriam 4:53
So you know internet is great for that. Movies are great for that. Yes, songs are great. I mean, I’m a person who can live without music. Yeah, every day I have to listen. And I’m not talking about Mozart. I’m talking. I don’t know, Queen. I love queen. I love the Beatles. And I love also I know Lily Allen, no more pop culture. Of course from here from Spain. They are right. But inspiration for I don’t search for it, because I search for it. So it’s like more I’m hearing this song in this day plays raining. So maybe I’m in a mood for a very, I don’t know, maybe quite sad song. And then it hits me. Like, oh, this song is saying that. And I think that I could turn that. So yeah. And

Madhav SBSS 5:48
that’s how I work on that note of finding the chord. So the lines that really made an impression on you inspire you, a cratered nation, we love to start off with a quote that inspires you. Yeah. Can you share something that inspires you a quote that you really love? And

Miriam 6:07
I put the very love. It’s like a tough one. But I try to say it every, not every day. But to everyone who asked me for? What is your motto? You know? And for me? I don’t know who said that. But it’s like the concept that the most important thing you have is your time? Yes. So because once you decide to spend it with someone or with something, you can get it back money. You can spend it in something you can return you can sell it. I know anything. But your time. You don’t. Yeah, when it’s gone, it’s gone. So I don’t know I like to spend but to spend my time in people who I like. And in things that I love. Yeah. I mean, everyone knows that you have to spend your time in business and in numbers. And I know maybe with someone who you will don’t like maybe as a Christmas party. But I don’t like I mean, I always have in mind that my time is rate as your time is raised. So I don’t want to waste your time. Yeah. And I appreciate when someone don’t want to go there. You know, it’s like, okay, do that. Or I want that or, you know,

Madhav SBSS 7:33
so on that note, any quote that comes to your mind about? Yeah,

Miriam 7:38
yeah, your greatest thing that you have time I see your time the most valuable thing you have. It’s not your money. It’s your time. Time, time is more valuable than money. Because you don’t know tomorrow. Yeah.

Madhav SBSS 7:54
How do you take that idea of time is more valuable than money time is all you have. How do you take that into your practical daily life? How do you?

Miriam 8:06
Yeah, for example, when I was working when I was, I mean, when I work, my project, but I mean, when I was working for another person. I know I had to go nine to six working. And I felt like I was wasting my time. I mean, like all day, what I did was staying there. Yeah. And if you stay there, you’re not not. Yeah. I mean, I know it’s basic, but I think we used to forget what that means. And when I come back from work to home, instead of you know, stay in the sofa and relaxing. I’d rather start drawing, or, yeah, great. Something, because I know I’m tired. But that couple of hours. I couldn’t get it back tomorrow. So I prefer to waste the waste. Doing something that I like,

Madhav SBSS 9:07
nice. So that’s perfect. So you the way have you applied the idea of the code time is more valuable and time is all your god yes. Is potentially quote unquote wasting it in the things that you love doing.

Miriam 9:22
Yes, in trying and that it’s very hard for me try not to be mad all the time. Try not to get upset. Because it doesn’t matter at the end. It doesn’t matter. So, um, I mean, you have to waste your time and if you can’t waste your time in what you want, because I know we someone who is listening like okay, I don’t like my job but I have to stay there because I have to get paid. And I have to Yeah, pay their bills. Cuz like, okay, cool. I am there too because I have to waste my time in something that I don’t like sometimes, but you always have time to what you Want to go? I mean, maybe it’s all an hour later sleeping? Sure. But it will make you happier,

Madhav SBSS 10:07
happier. Yeah. Do what makes you happy. Yeah, every day, try and try and do that.

Miriam 10:13
Yeah. What makes me happy and seeing that people are responding well to that makes me

Madhav SBSS 10:19
happier. Yes. That’s a great point, actually, that you’re not only creating something that you love and spending its time in doing something that you love. Yes, but it actually you can see the results of that in other people’s lives as well. They appreciate it, they enjoy it, they take it into. So when you make a cup, or a mug, yes, that someone buys from you. Yes. Now it’s actually adding value to their lives, and it making them happy with coffee. So

Miriam 10:47
beautiful and most important that they the thing? I don’t know if it happens to everyone. But when someone buys from me, I’m like, Okay, thank you first. Yeah. But you know, that money cost you your time. Yeah, to win. So you’re deciding to waste that money? In my things. Yeah. So it’s like a great response for me. Because I get, you know, I have a box full of outlet things, like Max them don’t go well. So I don’t sell it, I just keep it there. Because I don’t want anyone to feel like they waste their money with me. And I think that, no, I don’t want to call myself the best shot. If more people thought that way and act like that way, I think it will be a better place to live. Because you know, your time is money. Also, my time is money, your time is money. And the people who spend their money on you are also spending their time

Madhav SBSS 11:55
they’re spending their time.

Miriam 11:56
So that for me is the best of all of that.

Madhav SBSS 12:03
So super, that I would love to learn through your journey and understanding of finding out what you did how you went about. One of the things that we love to you know, follow on is like, a major failure. So it’s great to show we love to learn from big failures that maybe you had that, you know, faced and then you overcame it, how you overcame it. Can you share something about that? Of

Miriam 12:36
course, see, the first big project that came to me was my very first big failure. And it was

Madhav SBSS 12:45
your very first project?

Miriam 12:46
Yeah, I mean, big. Yes. Um, I live in a town near Barcelona. So it was, I mean, it wasn’t like, literally the last year. So my first big failure was also my very, my very first big project that started a year ago, in by that date, because it was for Carnival for my hometown, party carnival. And I thought, oh, that will be great to make back of it without slowed in Catalan, with some illustration will be great. And some friends just helped me with that. And they told me, Oh, I know that person who works in the I know who it’s climbing is the major with a major, you know, with the people who organized the party, and they can sell your product in their official store. And I was like, okay, cool. That is very cool. I really love that. Yeah. So I was like, Okay, let’s do that. And I went to shop in my hometown, also, that were ruled by boys my age, that had this little studio that make bags, and I was like, you know, I want to do that bag with them. Because I know how hard it is to start. And to be little in a world that is so big. That’s beautiful. So I was like, Okay, I’m gonna do it with you. And even though each the price of each bag was higher than doing it with another company that sells and has no connecting with you, they’re like aware, but it was hard to hire because you pay for the tension. For everything. I was like, okay, cool. I don’t care. I will do it with you because we can work with that in the future. So immediately, it was okay. I told them it was my first project and everything. And they sent me the bags. I go to the store. Oh, cool. That’s so cool. We’re going to hang it. Okay, cool. And then three days later, they the people who Who made my box? Release? A very similar back.

Madhav SBSS 15:04
Oh, they took your design and he was not

Miriam 15:06
my design was my idea idea. Yeah, it was like a thing that happened in my town. So no one was doing anything for that. And I was like, Okay, I’m going to illustrate that and with a quote, you know, and it was for the same party. I mean, the same color is the same. Anyway, like, okay, that’s not cool, because you can lower your price because you are doing. So if you knew I was going to do that, I mean, of course, you can make another bad call with me. But if my if I have to sell it at the price that I have to, you know, when only because I’m talking about a few dollars, yeah, I’m not talking about hundreds. And you’re making a bag and you’re selling it for $5. How can I call for the same thing? And you know, it was my so I was like, You know what, okay, stop it. I’m not going to do anything more with you. So what I learned about that was like, first you have you don’t have to be so naive. And think everyone is on is at the same place, like, like you are, because I was trying to help them. And they were thinking more about tomorrow. What they can win tomorrow that not. So I was like, okay, so you get your bags, but you lost. You lost? Yeah. Oh, my. I mean, I was very little at that time. I see. So maybe they do because they were like, oh, there she’s nobody. She’s No, she’s not going to make anything. She’s doing that she’s not going to start anything. I was like, Okay, now I don’t sell millions. But if one day I do, of course, I will not work with

Madhav SBSS 16:49
Absolutely. Yeah. Trust. Yeah,

Miriam 16:53
trust and my trust I my friends trust because it was their friend. And what I learned. I mean, it has the the lesson to learn. But I learned, I mean, I’m not going to be like you I’m not going to be a person who things of tomorrow, I’m going to represent the things in a year or two or and, you know, don’t play behind my back, because that’s good. That was well, you know, at that time, that was all the money I have. And it was like, Okay, now, what do I do?

Madhav SBSS 17:28
Well, I have all this. Back to square one almost. Yeah.

Miriam 17:31
Yeah. And I was like, okay, that’s not fine. So I had

Madhav SBSS 17:38
to, how did you pick yourself up? I mean, you might have been depressed that

Miriam 17:43
yeah, you know. So another advice that I will give. I mean, your time is important. But the people that support you are important as well, because you have to be surrounded by people who really cares about you? And who I mean, and I don’t mean people who always tells you that what you do is pretty and all I love what you do and know people that okay, that happened. Don’t worry, you’re going to go back. Just keep creating, just keep going. Yeah. And for me, it was my mother, of course, stepdad, friends. But, you know, it was hard, because I said, like, okay, how can I do anything now? I mean, you have 100 bucks that you can can sell and

Madhav SBSS 18:34
you sell them at all now with all is Yeah. And that’s

Miriam 18:38
because they were made for that specific moment. I see. I mean,

Madhav SBSS 18:42
oh, yes, that’s actually for the carnival. So once the Carnival is over, it’s over. Yeah, it’s over.

Miriam 18:47
So it’s like, okay, I have two options, or, you know, box name and try next year. Or try another thing. So I have money saved. And that led me you know, invest in all things. Like the phone cases. That came next. But yeah, at that point, I was like, Okay, I give up. Well, that’s not so there’s

Madhav SBSS 19:14
no point for you. Yeah, in your Yeah.

Miriam 19:16
I mean, it was the first big thing that I was going into, too, though. And I was like, Okay, I’m going to be nobody. Right? Oh, I was thinking maybe my design is not that well. Maybe. I don’t know. I know. I get a lot of questions in my head but self doubt and love. Yes. And I think that’s the worst you can like doubt of yourself of your work because I know it sounds bad, but I did nothing wrong. Yeah, you did nothing wrong, right. So not always is your fault when it’s not working. You have to keep in mind. You have to be like, critique yourself. Yeah, you sell yourself but also See, see when it’s because of you or other facts? And if it’s because other facts, it means that you can do it again, or you can have another chance. So just keep going like Dory

Madhav SBSS 20:19
Excuse me? Wow. All right, beautiful failure story and how you recover from it. And the support system you have the people you have surrounding you

Miriam 20:33
borrow it from us. No one. Bad. I don’t know. But you’ll get a confused because you kind of think, okay, they’re telling me that because they love me. Yeah. But you have to be. I mean, you know, when someone is telling you something, because you love because it’s true. And I mean, when your mother comes and tells your honey, that’s right, you’ll do better. You’re great. You’re like, okay, Mom, what are you going to say? Like to say, Yeah, but you know, maybe you have to listen more. And it’s more like what you think that maybe will come

Madhav SBSS 21:16
next was keeping the faith in yourself? Yes. And then

Miriam 21:21
I mean, when something is when everything is wrong, and you try 1000 times, maybe try a different way, because it’s clearly not working. But as it was my first attempt, I just tried twice. Yeah, the second time it was better, was my wrenching. Yeah.

Madhav SBSS 21:39
Great story. Great story. Thank you so much. Moving on to the next segment of the opposite of big failure, a magic moment, if you had any where in your journey when you started, my name is mirror. Before that. You’re like, aha, that’s what I should be doing. Was there something that you were trying to do earlier on, but that didn’t quite work? Or that’s not what you thought you wanted to do? And then you switched?

Miriam 22:06
Yeah. Yeah. You mean, when I started studying, I started business, I have a business degree. And I studied it because I thought I was not talented enough to go study graphic design, or art. I was like, I can draw. I, I mean, no one is going to buy my things are funny quotes. Funny quote in their shirt, I was thinking that, you know, yeah,

Madhav SBSS 22:31
you’re criticizing and almost sabotaging. Yeah,

Miriam 22:36
so I was like, Okay, I’ll study business. Because, you know, that is something that always comes by hand. It’s, and I don’t regret the standing it because now that I have both studies, like graphic design, and business, it takes me to a place where I can see everything more global, more, in a different way that people that I met from design does not have that. Yes, you know, they can they don’t have that marketing vision that numbers, I mean, more numbers more. It’s okay, you draw magnificently. But you have to think but you have to Yeah, you have it’s more because when you’re on your own, like me, you it’s okay, because you get to the your designs, but you also have to get the numbers. And you have to pay and you have to be paid. And you have to control that. And when your study design, you don’t get that. So, I mean, my path at the beginning was like, Okay, I don’t have talent. I don’t want to do that. But now I’m like, I’m kind of happy. I felt that way in that moment, because that made me do

Madhav SBSS 23:43
the business thing. Yes. Yes. Another one? Yes, of course. Excellent. Wow.

Miriam 23:48
So my very, I mean, one of the moments I will not forget was my first sell.

Madhav SBSS 23:56
Please share about that.

Miriam 23:59
I mean, I was like, I had only five or 10 prints online on Etsy. And, you know, my father and some people, my family was like, oh, when you have your site, I will buy something for you, like, you know, to animate

Madhav SBSS 24:16
to get you started to like, Okay, we’re gonna support

Miriam 24:19
you, I’m going to buy something and I’m like, Okay, I, I’ll tell you when it’s finished. And then one day, I was like in my computer and then got an email like, Oh, you got your first sale. And I thought, okay, that can you can you please stop. It’s not launched that yet. And then I stopped someone from the US from Houston, and I was like, Okay, who is this? And that feeling was like someone No, no, no, I don’t have any review. Because it was my first sale. I didn’t have any review any say nothing. was like Oh, I like that. And I mean, when you don’t have any sale, or you have and you have only five, in terms you’re you’re not in in the first place of Etsy, or in Google. So it was like, okay, that person found me. Yeah. And decided to have my brains and was a very special moment. And it was like, very cheap. But I was like, oh my god, someone who doesn’t know me who doesn’t have to be kind to me for any reason. I just thought, Okay, I like that.

Madhav SBSS 25:34
I like that. I’m gonna buy it.

Miriam 25:36
Yeah. And, you know, I have very great moments after that, but Well, for me, I I remember the place where the day that was outside. I remember all the day. Yeah. So thank you. I mean, thank you, everyone who has contributed? Yes, yeah. But I mean, the first one.

Madhav SBSS 26:00
I mean, it’s amazing what the online platform can do for you sitting in a remote corner of some world, you know, some continent somewhere, you can still buy stuff from?

Miriam 26:14
Yeah. And I think that’s, that’s great. Because, I mean, every country has their style. And with the internet, I mean, it’s kind of globalized. And everyone does the same. But anyway, every country has their things. Sure. And someone from the EU, us that didn’t explain, like, wow, the US, you know, it’s like, something big. Amin was like, Wow,

Madhav SBSS 26:41
nice. Nice. Excellent. Thank you. That’s a beautiful magic moment. Yeah. How do you that was the first day and you were excited. And you probably said, I need to make more of these are more items. And this is really good that you know, someone is responding to what I put out there in the world. How do you keep the discipline to create consistently because as an artist, you tend, you could get lost in doing something, not necessarily pay, like you said earlier, attention to the business side of things. And like, Oh, I’m going to create this beautiful painting, and I’m starting today, I might finish it six months later, yes. Instead of saying, I need to finish it, what is the mindset that you need to have as a creator, that it doesn’t do? Any injustice to the product or the creation itself, but at the same time, keeps in mind that you have to be consistently making things or delivering?

Miriam 27:42
I think the fact that I started business before, really got me in that kind of thinking? Because, you know, I think you have to be true to yourself. Yeah. Like we spoke before about journeys here in Spain, when you were that you have to be nine to six. And if you finish your work at four, you can leave, you have to stay there. So when you work from home, and you work for your own thing, you know, sometimes it’s all day, and you’re like, Okay, I’m doing nothing today. Yeah. And you know, you’re no, you’re not going to do anything that day, and nothing will come to your mind. Because I know, we are people and you have your feelings and you have your life and maybe something happened or maybe don’t and you don’t feel like it. So just be true to yourself and say, Okay, I’m not going to do anything. So I’m going to stop right here. And, you know, go for a walk. Maybe I have a dog. So, okay, let’s go for a walk. And tomorrow will be another day. Sure. However, you can do that. Yeah, five days in a row or two days in a row, you have to be, again, true to yourself and be true to yourself. Yeah. And be like, don’t lie to yourself. Don’t be like, Okay, I’ll leave it and tomorrow, do it? No, you do it tomorrow or not? I mean, and if you know, you’re not going to do it tomorrow, yet, don’t lie to yourself, because you’re gonna get frustrated. You’re gonna feel like you’re doing nothing. So just keep it real, to be real to you. Yeah, I listen to you. It’s like, when you try to start a diet. I mean, you can say everyone, I’m starting a diet on Monday. But you know, you know, if you’re starting it or not, you know, the moment in your life when you are, what you’re saying is what you really are thinking. Yeah, and I’m not the kind of person that thinks that the more you say something, it becomes more real. I don’t I don’t

Madhav SBSS 29:39
believe it, the more you do. Yeah.

Miriam 29:42
Yeah, you have to do that. Okay, see it, though. And if today it’s not painting day, as I call it, maybe it’s I don’t know, like a boy’s day and or taxes day that you don’t need to be inspired to do that. Your numbers so If you plan today to be painting, change it, you have, you know, you have to paint at some point. So today just go for a walk. And when you come back to your taxes, and that is done, you know, you have to be, you know what, you have to do it. We’re all adults, we’re not 17 anymore. And so you know, what has to be done? And you know, when you have to do it, so it’s your choice to do it now with time, or today or last minute, but it has to be done. I mean, I’m not going to be a liar and tell that Oh, no, I have my plan. And every morning at nine I start I know, because I try. I try. But sometimes you can’t stay in Europe, in your life. Yeah, but you have to be disciplined enough to know that it has to be done. Yeah. And you have to take the time to do that. Even if it’s at nine in the morning or at 10 in the night. I don’t care, but it has to be done. So just be true to yourself and say, Okay, can I go now, to grab a coffee with a friend? Yeah. Can you go? Can you really go? Yeah, of course you can. But can you really? If you want to accomplish something? Yeah. So if you want to have a coffee every afternoon, maybe you have to be realistic and know that this painting

Madhav SBSS 31:26
is not going to be done in three days, but maybe three months? Yeah, maybe number

Miriam 31:30
of course. So it’s

Madhav SBSS 31:33
a great way to look at creating with discipline is about being true to yourself, keeping it real. That’s such a beautiful way to look at it. Thank you. Yeah, never thought about it. I, you know, I was thinking discipline and having a routine and having to get up every day at six and just punching in doing that might work for some. But at the end of the day, true to yourself and making sure that Hey, Am I lying to myself? You have to ask that question. And if you feel like you are not then you’re okay. Yeah,

Miriam 32:06
I have friends are telling me I could never work from home. I have to stay in my office. And because of not because they are now doing the TV I looking at the TV or going for a walk or procrastinating? No, no, I’m not like that. I know, I’m a person that this needs to be done. So I’m going to do it. I don’t know if it takes one hour or six. And if I go three hours, and I don’t can make it then stop and do it later. But I know I have to do that. So it’s my choice. The end is very simple.

Madhav SBSS 32:44
It’s very simple. It’s your choice and you you make a decision.

Miriam 32:48
But in everything in life, it’s not only for work if you have a personal relation with someone, you know what their I mean? What it’s in there, yeah, you can you can lie to people, but the end You can’t lie to yourself. Be true to yourself. Or your best friend,

Madhav SBSS 33:06
your your best friend. Awesome. That’s a great way to move on to the next segment but great, you are your true friend. So Miriam, can you share one thing that’s exciting you right now that you’re looking forward to what’s what’s the next thing that’s coming up for you.

Miriam 33:23
So now I’m looking for I mean, it’s like in the open, it’s just maybe a couple of days more to go out. And it’s close. I’m going to take my my quads, my prints and making into shirts. Nice. So yeah, I’m really excited for that because you know, I try all my my projects and my things to make it all of them by myself. Yeah, I mean I have the machines I have all the things so everything I do at least 90% of the prints because it prints you send them to be printed but only printing but since I had that with you know the first problem I had that I already told you the backs I do it at my home oh well. I mean when it’s like I have a few collections that goes my hundreds that are selling very well so that I have an our contact another contact another partner that prints for me but my marks my case is a now with clothes are going printed at home at the studio. And I think that’s right, because that makes me on try new things makes me go from one to 100 If I want to sew the clothing line, I mean not not lying because it’s not a design in terms of you know the form. It’s more like the content of the message. The message laws. So that’s one thing guys wanna do. And also we I am studying, studying, like, the concept of weddings. No. Because I got married the last year, and I couldn’t find lots of relations. Thank you. I couldn’t find a lot of things I wanted. My.

Madhav SBSS 35:23
So you find a need that you? Yeah, for yourself that wasn’t met in the market. Yeah, that you could actually create something. Yes.

Miriam 35:30
Yes. I think that there are people like me, maybe and they will find that with feeling. Yeah. Yeah. And, and maybe I don’t know, I want to assign. We think that was not Oh, today is the greatest day of our lives. Oh,

Madhav SBSS 35:46
yeah. All the cliche, wedding quotes or wedding lines. Yes. You wanted something different? Yeah,

Miriam 35:51
I wanted something different. And I made it nice. And everyone was like, Oh, I really like that. That’s so funny that I was like, Okay, no more I’m going to.

Madhav SBSS 36:01
So you’re really good at picking up. People’s sensing what people are asking when they say something, sometimes in your own busyness or thinking you’re dropping something that people are saying to you. And so you’re paying a lot of attention and listening to what they’re saying. And like, wow,

Miriam 36:21
you need to listen to the right people. And the right people. Yeah. Because not someone is telling you. And you know that maybe in your life, too. When people talk to you. You’re like, okay, okay, but at the end, you’re like, you’re not saying that. Yeah. Really? Oh, you’re saying that? Because I never intentions? Yeah. You know, so you have to be smart. Again. I’ll try to be smart, and try to cool things off. And just really, after, I mean, you have to keep all the videos that people give you. Yeah. Because it’s something and more when you’re working online that you don’t have the feeling of the people are saying first. I see, you know, or what they look first when they are in your into in a shop. I mean, when you enter a shop, you can see many things. But you go first for something. Yeah. So I don’t get that by working online. I get that. I mean by the clicks, of course, but it’s not the same. Not the same. Yeah. So when people talk to me, or give me ideas, I, you know, I take them all and then study them. I mean, it’s not like Okay, wow, like, Yeah, but there’s a work sure behind that. I tried to collect it. Yeah, everything everything I can you know, I always carry my notebook. Yeah, my notes.

Madhav SBSS 37:48
Excellent. Yeah. Oh, that’s a great segue into something that I was going to ask you about in terms of tools and things that you use. We’re getting the last segment of the session, were last few few quick questions, and maybe you can set rapid fire, you can answer okay. Whatever comes to your mind. What was holding you back for doing what you love? Oh, you said you started it like self in 2015. Self esteem.

Miriam 38:16
Yeah, I didn’t believe in myself.

Madhav SBSS 38:18
I didn’t believe in yourself. No, no, no, no, no.

Miriam 38:20
I thought what I did was like, nothing special. I mean, not what I did, because I was not doing anything.

Madhav SBSS 38:28
You were not doing anything. But you were just self criticizing. And yeah, sabotaging you. And before you started,

Miriam 38:33
yes. Why? Why do I waste my time? In something that I know is not a lot

Madhav SBSS 38:39
of people feel that. That way, I think where you’re not taking that first step. Yeah. Because you’re like, maybe I’m gonna waste my time doing that. Who am I to do this? Yes. I might as well not do it.

Miriam 38:52
Yes, that was that was me.

Madhav SBSS 38:55
And what made you take that first step? Like, what’s holding you back was self esteem. And then you said, I got to try this. What What made you take that

Miriam 39:03
was my case was that I was, you know, I work with Photoshop with Illustrator. And I started working with that for business was starting to do commercials and banners. And when once I knew that tool that I was working with, then I felt confident enough because when you know the tool, then it takes less time for you to do something, you can open Photoshop for the first time or start creating. It’s like, okay, you’re going to waste hours just just only get out what it is. Yes. So in my case was like more casual game, you know, than getting like okay, you can do that. Stop doing that.

Madhav SBSS 39:46
I see you just casually started and you got into it and you learn the tool and now you know the tool you started getting.

Miriam 39:52
Because when I when I did the commercials and all the thing I started creating things that I loved and they had company I worked for was like, no, no, no, no, I don’t like that. But I liked what I was doing. So I was like, Okay, I’m gonna do that. In my free time. Yeah. And I started that way. And

Madhav SBSS 40:11
excellent. That’s all Oh, wow. What is what is one of your favorite books that you might want to recommend to our listeners that inspired you or something that you consider

Miriam 40:22
books like for?

Madhav SBSS 40:26
Creativity? Anything that comes to your mind?

Miriam 40:31
I really like to look at Pinterest. It’s not a book, I have a lot of books. I mean, I wasted because design books are not cheap. So I was like, Okay, I’m going to waste my money in design books and look at them and never looked at them. Because I thought that they were going to tell me something. But at the end, it was pictures of other people work. I see. At least the books that I found. Sure. So at the end was like, okay, I can look that online. Yeah. So you use? Yeah, Pinterest.

Madhav SBSS 41:08
What other tools? Do you use? Pinterest that you might use online that help you in your business?

Miriam 41:16
I mean, I try to look at what others are doing. Because not the best selling options? Because I think at the end, you have to do what you are. Yeah. Because if you do what is more selling than what when it’s not selling anymore, then you live by selling that who you are at the end? Yeah. I mean, you have to get your things to get best selling but by being you by being by being you Yeah. Because at the end, when the you know, the trend goes down, you’ll go down. That’s it. Have to find another thing on trend to keep Excellent. So yeah, Pinterest and what others are doing Instagram. Yeah. I mean, like the new generation books out rate, God for design. I don’t think there is something to in my opinion. And there are many people have said no, that this book, you’re missing. Okay, cool. I would love to read that. But for now, I didn’t find any.

Madhav SBSS 42:22
Any favorite artist or designer that you

Miriam 42:27
were in terms of? Graphic? I really love the calm comics is that the independent indie comics, the comics? Yeah. I mean, of course, this name is as much as I don’t like to. I like what they do. But I don’t think it’s for me. I mean, it was for me when I was 10 years ago. But I appreciate what they’re doing and heal this pain. There’s a very big brand right now. It’s called Mr. Wonderful. It’s wonderful everywhere. And they have this positive message for life. Like, if you can dream it, you can do it today is gonna be a good day. It’s like, cool. I mean, okay, that’s good. But I’m more like, dream will your dreams will not work? You will not work. I mean, I, I see how they get so popular. And I really admire them for being that popular before getting. I mean, they are they have this brand, and they have achieved lots of things and I really admire that. But the message at the end, it’s not for me. I really

Madhav SBSS 43:37
admire the way they’re Yes. Able to do what they love to do and succeed in. Yeah,

Miriam 43:43
engagement on the media. Just awesome.

Madhav SBSS 43:47
Wonderful. Thank you. And then one last question around a magic question, if you will. If you had a superpower to create anything you want, what would that be? What would you create to create

Miriam 44:02
anything I want? Oh, I don’t know. I mean, I always want I mean something that doesn’t exist or that already exist.

Madhav SBSS 44:16
Something that doesn’t exist or already exists. Oh, I

Miriam 44:18
would love to create a thing to fly thing to fly. Yes. Yeah. I love I love to fly. Yeah, I mean not not plane. Yeah. Yeah. Because on the fly like a bird and we say the planes nowadays, like smaller and smaller. Please stop that. But to fly or to you know, tell it transport telephones video because I always want to be everywhere every day, same time. Traveling, it’s great, but the plane waves your time.

Madhav SBSS 44:49
Goes back time is more valuable than money and time.

Miriam 44:53
Things I know related with design, but it’s not always related. to your life.

Madhav SBSS 45:02
Yes, fly and be able to have the freedom not be bound. Yes.

Miriam 45:07
One thing I know, I know what I wanted to create, you know, that field I don’t know, it was a robot that could read a book in a second and learn everything. I would love to have a superpower that I would like, Okay, I want to know to play the guitar and have fun. And now I get the learning process, as it’s very rich for you. Yeah. I would love to learn things fast, super quick.

Madhav SBSS 45:38
So you can do more? Yes, yes. Great. Great. Thank you so much Maryam as a parting advice to our Creator nation. Can you share a parting advice and let us know how we can connect with you? Beyond forecast online?

Miriam 45:56
Yeah, of course. Um, well, first of all the my advice, again, was, value your time. Stay true to yourself and John, out to sabotage you because you may think what you do is not interesting, but I want to do that. And with all the media with all the tools we have online, so when I some one in some place, will like what you’re doing and if they don’t, it’s okay. Because you like what you’re doing and if that makes you happy, then go for it. Awesome. So yeah, they can contact me I have the Etsy shop. It’s my name is mere Instagram, my web BS launching tool. So yeah, perfect. Anyway, I everywhere.

Madhav SBSS 46:45
Great. We’ll put we’ll put all those on the website as well. So you can follow up with Miriam. Miriam, they say, as you know, you’re the average of five people you hang out with creator nation today you’re hanging out with mg and M as B and to the Creator nation. Thank you very much and we’ll catch you on the magical side. Thanks a lot. Thank you

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